Also it says it cleans up to 1,000 square feet. Can I put this system in my home office and will it clean my bedroom/living room and kitchen? My house is a ranch and about 1200 square feet.

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        The air is never stale. They are constantly exchanging. Thus the air in one room is always exchanged with others. Especially when one room particles/pollution level is low. The other room's dirty air will naturally diffuse into the clean room. Just like the water will flow from the high level to the low level until they are evened. Of course, this motion is not as effective as when the air purifier is inside the room because it has to conquer much resistance along the way. 

        For the air purifier to have the best results, it's recommended one per room or at least one per upper level and one lower level. If you keep the air purifier ON 24/7 (as Airdog running cost is minimal: It is very low energy consumption and has no consumable HEPA filters.) In this way, it constantly cleans your room. It will have good results. 

        However, if you have two rooms, a total of about 1000 sqft, then I would recommend two X5. One for each room, rather than one big X8. 
Hope this explanation helps a bit. 

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